Easy Assembly of Turbo Series Red Racer Bed for Boys

Kids will love the fun and excitement of sleeping in the Turbo Series Red Racer racecar bed, and adults will love the free shipping, included mattress, and easy assembly.

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The bed’s hood features impeccable details such as racing stickers to make it feel like the real thing.

The Turbo Series Red Racer racecar bed makes an excellent gift for any racecar fan.

It would be any young car lover’s dream to receive one of these Turbo Series Red Racer racecar beds.

The Turbo Series Red Racer racecar bed’s bright red design is sure to liven up your child’s bedroom.

The Turbo Series Red Racer racecar bed’s design is bright and bold to bring life to any child’s bedroom.

Like all luxury Neverland furniture, the Turbo Series Red Racer children’s bed is made with top quality materials and crafted with the utmost care.

Neverland Furniture brings luxury, high quality children’s furniture from Europe. Made with top grade materials and with innovative designs, it is easy to see why Neverland Furniture is one of the most popular children’s furniture providers in Canada.

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