Pirate Gunboat Bed for Young Boy on SALE

Black Pirate - Gunboat Bed (Mattress included)

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There is nothing better for you land lovin' little boy than a pirate ship bedroom. The Black Pirate bed sets the tone of the whole room , one he is sure to treasure. It has wood paneling, double deck slats, metal hardware, and the Black Pirate insignia marked on the bow. Ahoy Mate!

Color: chestnut
Bed dimensions: w-41.34”/ h-72.4”/ l-95” (105 cm/ 184 cm/ 241 cm) Firm mattress dimensions: w-35" / l-75" (use twin fitted sheets)

• premium quality
• high detail finish
• pirate insignia
• real pirate ship look
• additional “pull-out” bed available extra
• additional “pull-out” storage available extra
• includes back stand sails
• 5 – year warranty
• made in EU

Materials used
* the main material of the product is 5/8 and 3/8 thick melamine chipboard with e1 standards.
*it is designed according to the security, health and ergonomic gs (European) standards.
*fitting compatible with gs and tse standards has been used.
*the accessories designed with pirate concept are plastic injectioned abs based and covered with antic yellow overlay compatible with environmental and health standards.
*metal surfaces have unique coloring with electrostatic paint and have 10 years stainless warranty.
*textiles used are non-flammable.
*pirate concept prints are applied on melamine surfaces by digital printing method.
*polystyrene disc is used on the front.
*paper and pvc stickers with offset and serigraphy have been applied.
*varnished wood painted decorative lapels with polyurethane base are used.

Safety and Quality
We all want the best for our kids. With Neverland Furniture children’s furniture that is exactly what they’ll get. Neverland Furniture uses advanced technologies and top-grade materials, and their products meet the highest EU safety standards. All Neverland Furniture products have a GS certificate and a Rostest quality certificate.

Neverland Furniture designs and manufactures the most innovative children’s furniture. We know that every child dreams of having a unique room that reflects their own interests and personality. In an effort to meet and exceed their expectations, Neverland Furniture has gone to the edge of our imagination in order to satisfy theirs.

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