Turbo Series - Racer Bed Cover (Yellow) Comforter with 2 Decorative pillows

The Racer Bed Cover (Yellow) Comforter is part of the Turbo Series. Beautifully crafted by Cilek, this Bed Cover fits any of our Turbo Beds unusual mattress shape. Comes with two matching decorative pillows. Made from polyester and imported from Europe to match the Turbo Bed Set.

Dimensions: TWIN


• Premium Quality
• High Detail Finish
• Two Decorative Pillows
• Yellow Racing Colors
• Especially Made for bumble bee Bed
• Premium Polyester
• Easily Washable
• Special Sized Cover to Fit the Mattress
• Made in EU

Cilek specializes in luxury children’s furniture. Well established in Europe and now for the first time bringing the highest quality children’s furniture to the United States. The quality and feel of this furniture will amaze anyone who will set their eyes on it. Your children will fall in love with their beds, tables, chests and drawers.


Safety and Quality

We all want the best for our kids.  With Cilek Children’s furniture that is exactly what they’ll get.  Cilek uses advanced technologies and top-quality materials, and their products meet the highest EU safety standards. All Cilek products have a GS certificate and a Rostest quality certificate. 


Category: Accessories, For Boys, specials

Type: Bedding

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