About Us

Creative Kid's Furniture from Europe.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the quality of our product is of the highest standards. We are confident that once you see your new furniture this fact will be evident to you as well.

Neverlandfurniture.com is an official distributor of Clilek. We specialize in Luxury Children's Furniture, bringing you the best Children’s furniture from Europe. Neverlandfurniture.com is a subsidiary of Absolute Furniture Industries located in Surrey, BC, Canada. Customer Satisfaction is our primary business goal.

Story of Cilek:

Cilek was established in 1995, in the EU, and has 25 years of experience in manufacturing children’s furniture. We know that every child dreams of having a unique room that reflects their own interests and personality. In an effort to meet their expectations, Cilek designs products exclusively for children and teens. Cilek is the first brand worldwide in its industry catering to the specific needs of this age group.

Cilek specializes in designing and manufacturing functional, high-quality, individual, and durable furniture and accessories for babies, children, and teenagers. Cilek uses advanced technologies and top-quality materials, and its products meet the highest EU safety standards. All Cilek products have a GS certificate and a Rostest quality certificate.


Cilek products are designed by our youthful team of interior designers and architects at Cilek’s Design Studio in Europe.  Cilek’s design team takes the families’ expectations as their starting point then they design furniture and accessories appropriate for a wide range of lifestyles, room sizes and personalities that will enrich the imagination of children and youth and make them feel at home. Cilek knows well the needs of its customers and are experts in production details relating to safety, health and durability thanks to its many years of experience and focus on babies, kids and teenagers products. 


Cilek, is the proud owner of the Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) Certificate of Quality, which is rewarded by the German Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA) for greater reliability and high quality in products. Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) is the most desirable certification that a brand can achieve. This certification serves as proof that Cilek products are manufactured in accordance with advanced children safety standards and comply with European Union standards regarding the usage of anti-carcinogenic and antibacterial materials. 


Production at Cilek in our 355,200 sq. feet facilities the latest technologies. With a labor force of approximately 2000 employees and yearly retail sales of approximately $115 million. Furthermore, Cilek is currently in the process of creating an additional 484,400 sq. feet facility in order to establish another factory, targeted for completion within a year.

Products and Accessories:

A Cilek Room, defines a specially designed and furnished room atmosphere, which is put together for infant-teenager range, to satisfy all the requirements from bed to quilt, carpet to curtain, lamp to nightstand, wardrobe to cushion that may be needed for comfort. All products in a Cilek Room are priced and sold separately. All series and modules sold under the Cilek brand name are unique designs of Cilek.

Cilek Rooms:

Cilek, the one and unmatched brand in its field, produces Cilek Room Products in accordance with child safety standards using only anti-carcinogenic, anti-allergic and antibacterial materials that comply with European Union criteria. The production process involves advanced technology therefore makes Cilek Room Products comfortable, distinctive, unique and extremely durable. Cilek provides long-term, prestigious, highly profitable investment and business partnership opportunities to its entrepreneurs and sales points.